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Favorite Audio

Acid Paradox - El Ataque Dubstep Song
~NK~ "Sweet Dreams" FULL Dubstep Song
~NK~ VS TI:. "Amity" Dubstep Song
~NK~ "Problematic" House Song
Pixel Blending Techno Song
~Crazy Bass 2012~ Dance Song
Advances In Technology Dubstep Song
XS & GS - Game Over Dubstep Song
xKore - Showdown House Song
XS - R!OT Dubstep Song
XS - No Clipping Dubstep Song
XS - Pipe Dream Dubstep Song
~NK~ "Evil" Dubstep Song
xKore - Event Horizon Drum N Bass Song
TI & GS - Noise Complaint Dubstep Song
XS & GirlStep - Obelisk Dubstep Song
~NK~ "Blacklight" FULL Dubstep Song
Viscous Black Venom Industrial Song
Elfire - Bounce Automation Techno Song
Evil's Bane Video Game Song
ParagonX9 - Chaoz Airflow Drum N Bass Song
Endless Handbag Loop Video Game Loop
Jazzy Breakbeat Techno Song
*Darkest Shadow* / ZeRo BaSs Dance Song
Something in the Sound Miscellaneous Song
"Alone" - F-777 Dance Song
{ANT} - March of the Cyborgs Techno Song
Clown song of death Techno Song
Forsaken Neon Techno Song
Madness6(remix) Techno Song
{ANT} - Hyped! Techno Song
DJ B.a.r.- The CS Instrumental Video Game Song
DJ B.a.r. - CS Firedance Video Game Song
Pumping Pulse Trance Song
Helix - Fear Industrial Song
Helix - No. 6 Industrial Song
Black Velocity Industrial Song
Katie's A Bitch Miscellaneous Song
[AD] Night Terrors Heavy Metal Song
[Psycho Pathic g-R] Drum N Bass Song