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FL 7 and Xbox Live

2008-06-18 17:39:28 by AvatarKami

So I actually got a copy of FL 7 Producer Edition for free which is sweet. But more importantly I am now back on Xbox Live. If anyone cares my gamer tag is Kami the Avatar (Halo 3 Bungie profile link) so yeah, send me a friend request on Live if you want to play.

(Kami the Avatar)


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2008-06-19 18:31:38

You geek! Lol. Well... I play Counter-Strike, even though it's freakin' old. Do you own those little noobs on Halo 3? And check out some of my music. Mind you, I'm not pro, so give me some decent opinion. :)

AvatarKami responds:

Lol, yeah pretty much. I have played counter strike a lot. I don't like it online so much cause people cheat a lot. I am an Unreal Tournament fan myself. Yes, I do own the noobs on Halo 3. I will defiantly check your stuff out. Might take me some time though.

(Kami the Avatar)


2008-06-23 14:14:22

Hey pal, if I ever happen to play XBox Live, I'll contact you right away. If you own teh n00bs, I'll want to be on YOUR side. :(

-Dan, HRM

(Updated ) AvatarKami responds:

Lol, yeah being on my side is good anywho because dealing with all the little kids and racist ass holes on Live is no fun. Plus we (me and my friends) kick arse. ^_^

(Kami the Avatar)